The truth about “Lie About Love”

Okay, so this is long overdue!!! I was supposed to write this blog right after LAL’s virtual meetup kaso a lot of things happened that really kept me busy and not in the mood to write. πŸ˜…

Anyway, I’m just writing this because I wanted to commemorate (taray! πŸ˜‚) my first writing accomplishment this year! After so many years of being on hiatus, I’ve finally finished something! πŸ™ŒπŸ»Β 

First cover photo! Umm, not really sure why I picked this photo! HAHAHA!

Commissioned cover art! It’s young Cedric & Sairyl!

Rain had a lot of meaning in the story that’s why I chose this photo.

When I was still contemplating what to write upon my return to the writing world (HAHA!), I had ideas for spin-offs and sequels of my old stories. I decided to skim my stories on Wattpad to refresh my memory (hello, 5+ yrs ago na, I can barely remember the events πŸ˜‚). So ayun, I cringed so hard lang naman. Charot! One of the very first stories I finished writing online was “My Ex-Boyfriend & I” and my goodness! Hindi ko kinaya pinagsusulat ko doon kaya naman I have decided na it’s going to be my first writing project this year. I need to write a better version of it!

I retained the name of the characters and even some of the events in the first chapter, but I felt like changing the following chapters! I started writing it around April and 5 months later, September 18 to be exact, I have closed it with the 30th chapter!

I feel really happy with the outcome. I think I did better than the original version, maybe still not the very best, but I know for sure I had so much fun with my LAL journey! ❀️

…and I’m forever grateful to my amazing readers! I feel appreciated every chapter with their warm support – there was even a time na the vote-comment ratio was far-off dahil sa lakas ng energy nila to aim 1k+ comments. Bawat sentence at hinga ata ng character, may comment sila! πŸ˜‚ I live and write for those kinds of energy! πŸ˜‚Β 

A week after posting the last chapter, I also organized a mini-virtual party to just chat with readers about their thoughts and thank them personally. I’ve planned it for only half an hour kaso nag-extend to 1.20 kaya naman hindi ko na ma-upload ang video kasi the file is too big. πŸ˜…

Here’s a screenshot na lang as a remembrance of a fun night:

I got to see the faces of the people I actually interact with most of the time in every LAL update. 😍

Here are some of the questions I received during the meetup:

Q: Sino po inspiration niyo sa LAL?

A: Like in every story that I write, I get inspiration from various things. For LAL, there’s a lot in different scenes, but maybe to give one example with Sairyl’s character, I personally know someone who’s like her and had something similar to what she has gone through (bits of it). Don’t worry, she also got her happy ending. πŸ˜‰


Q: What if si Sairyl-Cedric ang end game or what if wala kila Brian at Cedric ang makatuluyan ni Sairyl?

A: To be honest, I initially planned to have Sairyl end up with Cedric. I already had the wedding scene planned for them and have Brian attend it, then he’s the one to actually meet Annika (from I Met A Jerk Whose Name Is Seven) so that they both have similar endings. But mid-writing LAL, I felt Brian’s character and thought he doesn’t deserve a sad ending. For other writers out there, alam mo ‘yong feeling na your characters seem to talk to you sometimes? That’s how I felt with Brian so I changed plans. Also, I thought it was the best route for the 3 main characters to have a beautiful ending. Sairyl-Brian went through a lot of drama, they needed to be rewarded with happiness. Cedric already suffered the consequences of his actions when he was young and I wanted him to really grow as a person. I want him to use his past experience as his strength for a new love story.

Follow-up Question: Will Cedric and Annika have their own story?

A: Yes! I plan to make a story for them. I only have “I Met Annika” as a tentative title, but since I still have other stories to finish nothing is final yet for the two of them. Plus, I still have to edit I Met A Jerk Whose Name Is Seven to make it look decent at least! 🀣

So ayon! HAHA! There were a lot of questions during the meetup, pero hindi ko na ikukwento lahat dito. Secret na lang namin ‘yon ng mga um-attend! πŸ˜‚

What’s next after LAL?

I initially wanted to write Kyla’s side story “Like Chalk And Cheese” which was supposed to have around 5 chapters only, kaso a lot of things happened the past few weeks, na-delay na siya hanggang sa nawala na ako sa mood isulat siya. I will definitely write it kapag bumalik ‘yong mood ko to write that story! 😊

For now, I’ve started writing Indelible β€” it’s a Voiceless spin-off featuring Kevin Sy’s story and introducing a new character July Isabedra. It will be available here on my website, my Facebook Page and Wattpad. Slow updates due to other life commitments, but hopefully like with LAL, we all get to see the end of this! πŸ₯°

Well, that’s it for this blog post! Thank you again to everyone who’s supported Lie About Love! You are the best! 😊


HYSTG – Ate Denny ❀️


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  1. Iba pa rin ang LAL experience ko.
    Mula umpisa hanggang natapos andami namin kalat hahaha dito ko rin una natry ang virtual meet up ang saya lang makasama don.
    Thankyouuu ate denny and goodluck sa Lal.

    Yieee katuwa masaksihan dumadami readers ng lal.


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